Just wanna give a heads up that I won’t be on that much on Fridays. I have class from 12:30-2:30 and I’ll be busy afterwards. I will also be out of town ALL day tomorrow, so please don’t unfollow me. Thanks!

Happy birthday to a beautiful and inspirational woman.
“Uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful.”

"What’s so great about being a Cortez?" (Spy Kids, 2001)

Classes started on Monday for me and I’m already finished with all the homework that was due today (did that on Monday) and Friday. Holla! Both of my classes are online, but I have mandatory classes on Friday for two hours which is not so bad.

My cousin had her baby last Thursday - he’ll be a week old tomorrow! OMG! I saw him on Sunday, so freakin’ cute. After class on Friday, I’m going to visit again. I love babies lol Tom and I are going to get sushi for dinner and my grandma is letting us use her car for our trip to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday. Tom’s car can’t handle long trips and she didn’t want us to miss out on his company picnic. It’s not a long drive though, 1hr 40min.

I’m so ready for the weekend!